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Safety control of large data industry

At present, in the process of build a well-off society in an all-round way, we will implement the \"innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing\" five development philosophy, and as the net letter business workers, also need to deal with the relationship between security and development. Chairman xi in the network security and information leading group was founded, he pointed out that the network security and informationization is the wings, two-wheel driven. He recently stressed again: network security and information is complementary to each other. Security is the precondition of the development, the development is the guarantee of safety, security and development to carry out. Therefore, if the network security and information as two independent work, respectively, respectively processing, or just as informatization auxiliary network security measures are not correct.

In order to better reflect the relationship between the network security and information technology, in order to better promote the related work, we can put this areas called net letter, letter calling this career in the field of network business. Of course this is not a simple literally change, and should be from understanding to practice, embody the development of the security and synchronization. Letter, therefore, when we promote a network project, in determining the requirements, options, purchasing equipment, organize the implementation, operation and maintenance and so on each link, should first consider the network security, and sometimes will put whether meet the requirements of network security \"one ticket veto\" status, that is: if can't meet the requirements of network security can't pass.

In the field of network letter, big data is an important part of a new generation of information technology, large data industry is closely related to network security, information security. Article 24 national security law requires \"speed up the development of autonomous control strategy of high and new technology and important area key core technology\", including the large data. Article 25 requirements \"to realize the core technology of network and information, critical infrastructure and important field of information systems and data security control\". Here is more clear in order to realize safe and controllable \"data\" is put forward. Thus, large data industry to implement security must be controlled in the first place.

For large data industry, it is necessary to realize safe and controllable, because of the large data security is related to all areas of security, in the whole national security system, including the political safety, homeland security, military security, economic security, cultural security, social security, technology security, information security, ecological security and resource security, nuclear safety, and so on, which one can say in the field of security has close relationship with big data, or, if there is no big data in the field of security also have no a safe.

In view of the evaluation of safety control difficulty is higher, and often associated with application scenarios, need through the practice of inspection for a long time, has it been possible to come to the conclusion. Independently controllable assessment basically, by contrast, is not dependent on the scene, as long as formulated the related standards, can be evaluated by a third party organization, easier to operate. Therefore we think that can be independently controlled assessment as a routine push forward the net letter. In introducing, mergers and acquisitions, project options, in the work of procurement bidding, and so on can be introduced independently controllable evaluation as the important basis of decision making, and even can be placed in the important position of \"one ticket veto\", this will help prevent appear serious security hidden danger in the future.